Visa Application Form

Visa Application Form

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Application Personal Information
Courses Applied:
Following tests must be negative to get visa(specific nationality from Sri-Lanka, Indonesia, India etc.)

Fee TypeOut of Country (AED)In Country (AED)
Security Deposit (Refundable)15001500
Student Visa Normal Application25004000
Health Insurance (Optional)20002000

*Visa application fees subject to change according to immigration fees.

* Health Insurance subject to immigration requirement.

* Express Visa Application (optional, fees, subject to immigration fees.)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Students who hold a valid unconditional offer are eligible to apply for a visa sponsorship.
  2. Regent Middle East student visa and health insurance are renewable every year.
  3. Applicants below 15 years of age must sign and submit a Student Undertaking Letter to the Admissions team.
  4. All applicants must pay 50% of the tuition fees in addition to the visa fees to start the visa application process.
  5. Regent Middle East is not responsible for any delay in visa application. We advise the students to submit all necessary documents and pay the fees to proceed visa process on time.
  6. Regent Middle East does not guarantee visa issuance if the student does not apply at least 4-6 weeks prior to the commencement of courses.
  7. Students should book their flight ticket ONLY once they receive the Entry Permit copy from the Admissions team.
  8. Once the entry permit will be issued, the student must enter in UAE within 2 months; otherwise, the entry permit will be expired.
  9. All charges or penalties caused by delays or errors on the visa application form will be borne by the student.
  10. If a student arrives late for intake or for any other reason, they are responsible for paying all normal and express visa fees as well as any applicable tourist visa fees.
  11. Fees for cancellation of entry permit and visa issued are subject to immigration charges. Students will receive their refundable deposit back in the unfortunate event that their visa application is denied, but the government fees will be kept by the relevant government authorities. In this situation, the student is entitled to a complete refund of their tuition fees.
  12. The application process for applicants from certain nations who require additional security checks is not the responsibility of Regent Middle East. This could cause delays or even the cancellation of the visa in some cases.
  13. Students must also go through a mandatory medical examination when applying for a college-sponsored visa. If the student fails the medical examination, the visa application process will end there. The student will not be able to continue further studies in Dubai.
  14. Students with a valid residence visa can work for up to 20 hours per week of paid work or internship per term.
  15. On completion of the course or one year of the visa (whichever comes first), the student will be notified of the visa cancellation 1 month prior to the expiry date of the visa, unless the student decides to renew for the subsequent year, or if the course demands so.
  16. Students cannot leave UAE without notifying the College 7 days in advance. Failure to do so may result in legal consequences.
  17. Security deposit will be refunded after visa cancellation (15 working days).
  18. Regent Middle East reserves the right to cancel the student visa if the student regularly fails to attend classes and commit meaningfully to their studies. A student who does not attend for two (2) weeks will be at risk of having their student visa cancelled.

I confirm that the above terms and conditions have been read and understood by me, and I agree to abide by them.

Date of Application