Pearson BTEC Level 3 Ext. Diploma in Business

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Ext. Diploma in Business

About This Course

This Pearson awarded diploma offers students a global passport to transfer to over 200 universities worldwide. Globally accepted as a strong university foundation programme, this qualification is equivalent to 3 ‘A’ levels and guarantees entry into the first year of a bachelors’ degree programme in various specialised fields of Business. Students develop a strong fundamental understanding of diverse business concepts and techniques that equip them for potential employment or further higher education in reputed universities worldwide.

Learning Objectives

Entry Requirements

Course Outline


Unit 1: Exploring Business

Unit 2: Research and Plan a Marketing Campaign

Unit 3: Business Finance

Unit 4: Managing an Event

Unit 6: Principles of Management

Unit 7: Business Decision Making


Unit 5: International Business

Unit 8: Human Resources

Unit 9: Team Building in Business

Unit 10: Recording Financial Transactions

Unit 13: Cost and Management Accounting

Unit 16: Visual Merchandising

Unit 17: Digital Marketing

Unit 19: Pitching for a new business

Unit 24: Branding

Fee Structure

New fees – AEDNotes
Application fee -BTEC2000Non-refundable
Pearson Reg Fees2200
Miscellaneous Fee700 AEDAcross all BTEC – courses ( Not an year based fees)
LEVEL 338000Inclusive laptop

Student Testimonials

AED 38,000


12 Months


Jan | Apr | Sept

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